Virtual Host Hypervisor Performance Troubleshooting.

So when you log into a host there are a few General things you should look for.

There are things you can do on the host to troubleshoot issues with your resources.

top -bn 3
(this should show you 3 iterations op the top command. And what is running also  what resources are being used. )

iostat -xmd 1
(This will tell you if anything is writing/reading too much. Pay attention to the last column, if anything is over say 30% that’s high io.)

Next I would suggest using sar to find CPU usage, Memory, and Swap being used. We are going to 3 screens 2 seconds apart

This will show your cpu
sar – u 2 3
This will show cpu usage.

sar -r 2 3
This shows your memory usage.

sar -S 2 3
This reports the swap statistics.

You can also use sar to get historical records on your server with the -f option then the file path usually /var/log/sa.

Again for more details on this great tool see my article.

Between these 3 tools you should get a good feel for what your system is doing resource wise.

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