Manual Imaging on RS Cloud Servers

So imaging is an issue at times with Rs Cloud servers due to the 80GB image limit.
Now I have known for sometime you can do partimage in rescue mode and clone the server.

Today I learned quite a bit more. About how we do images on our Cloud.

We use rsync to do our images, which is part of the reason we have the limits. But DD leaves behind bits. Which is no bueno.
However feel free to make a image.
Just make sure you have enough space to store it so your used space (df -h) doubled.
Or the better method is move it over to another slice that has space. Then when restoring it you can run the Command from the other server.

The simplist form of this would be the following:

dd if=/dev/xvdb | gzip -9 -c > /backupfile.dd.gz
gzip preserve permissions.
Probably want to just make a img extension.

Use splitĀ  or the ‘-L or –tape-length in tar’ to split the image into chunks .

To do this with a tool check out partclones semi gui tool:

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