Installing Qcachegrind

Xdebug and Php Profiling

Segment 3.

Installing Qcachegrind 

Install QT 

Install Qt opensource for mac (browser for release at
Add the following lines to .bash_profile
export QTDIR=$HOME/Qt/5.4/clang_64
export PATH=$QTDIR/bin:$PATH

 Install Qcachegrind

If you do not have Brew packet manager installed install it, it’s the easiest way to install Qcachegrind.
 brew install qcachegrind
brew install graphviz
sudo ln -s /usr/local/bin/dot /usr/bin/dot

brew linkapps 


Generic instructions and examples on how to use Qcachegrind can be found here.

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One thought on “Installing Qcachegrind

  1. I've been trying to install Qcachegrind/Kcachegrind for a few days on El Capitan. When I tried to install graphviz, I got the warning: "graphviz-2.38.0 already installed, it's just not linked", and then when I tried the sudo command above, I get the error: "ln: /usr/bin/dot: Operation not permitted". Any suggestions?

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