Maas example start to finish.

Here is a start to finish guide of the steps needed to create Entity, Check, Notification, Notification Plan, Alarm all in order.


 raxmon-entities-create –username=ibrshop –api-key=b685e2 –label=webcheck –ip-address=default= –who=Jim.Culbreath –why=Racker-requested-to-make-check-http

 raxmon-checks-create –username=ibrshop –api-key=b6be2 –entity-id=ena8OZFaPp –type=remote.http –label=”webcheck” –monitoring-zones=mzdfw –,Method:GET –timeout=30 –period=60 –target-alias=default

 Notification with Email instead of webhook:
 raxmon-notifications-create –label=”webcheck notification” –type=email –
Resource created. ID: ntqgttM1Jt

Notification plan
raxmon-notification-plans-create –username=ibrshop –api-key=b6bbe2 –label=”webcheck plans” –critical-state=ntjUXMwtY1
Resource created. ID: npAOtt7T7J

Alarm that says if this is not status 200 HOLY CRAP SEND EMAIL!

raxmon-alarms-create –username=ibrshop –api-key=b6b6e2 –check-type=remote.http –criteria=”if (metric[‘code’] regex ‘^[200]..$’) {return OK} return CRITICAL” –notification-plan=npAOKb7T7J –entity-id=ena8OZFaPp
Resource created. ID: alrtt48fwA

For Much more detail see the getting started guide.

I use this in combo with the Dev guide especially the Alarms and notifications

I will give you the alarm examples page:

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